Vandelay Special – Ultimate Design Bundle

For many, working as a freelance designer means freedom. As a freelancer, you get to choose where and when you work. It also means, unlike many corporate jobs where they pay you a salary and effectively have you on the clock 24/7, you’re paid what you’re worth. What you put in is what you get out. This is the dream of many designers, and many of you may already be living it.

Success as a freelance designer or with running a creative agency, however, requires more than being a top-class designer. In addition to learning all the technical elements of different programs and the fundamentals of different disciplines every designer that wants to have a fruitful freelance practice or creative agency needs to master complementary skills that help them market and sell their services.

To this end, we’ve partnered up with Excel with Business to offer you the perfect bundle of five premium courses that not only teach you important fundamentals but will teach you the skills to take your freelancing to the next level. Each course in this bundle normally sells for a subscription fee of $69 per year. This means that this bundle would normally cost you $345 each year for every course and we’re selling Lifetime access on all five courses for just $49 for a limited time until March 5th, 11:59 PM EST. That’s more than a 85% discount!

So, what’s Excel with Business and why did we choose to partner with them? Excel with Business is a top-rated e-learning website that has taught over 1 million students worldwide. They’re experts in business and data, and while you might think that indicates they’re an odd choice for a partnership with Vandelay, they make sure to bring in expert guest instructors for the fields they aren’t masters in-house for, like design, and their business focus is one of the biggest value propositions of this bundle. In addition to learning all the technical elements necessary to master each of the disciplines taught in each of these courses, Excel with Business will teach you how to crush the business side of things and start turning profits.

So, what will you learn with this bundle?

  1. Introduction to Web Development

First up is an absolute essential for any freelance designer. If you have your own practice, then it’s imperative that you have a beautiful website where you promote your services. Not to mention that web development paired with good design fundamentals can be a very lucrative service that clients will kill for.  With this course, in addition to website design and build principles, you’ll get to grips with the basics of the two essential web development languages of HTML and CSS and be on your way to building stunning websites.

  1. Photoshop Elements 15

There are so many of Photoshop learning resources out there that it’s often difficult to know where to start. This course is a perfect starting point for beginners and will teach you all about the program.

  1. Introduction to Digital Photography

If you’re looking to get into photography this is the course for you. Taught by Ken Schultz, a photography junkie since 1980 (that’s a long time, especially in the digital age), this course will make you a master of the DSLR.

  1. App Design

This course was written by Chris Stevens. And this is what we’re talking about when we said that Excel with Business brings in top experts when they don’t have the domain knowledge in-house. This guy is the designer behind multiple top apps and designed Alice for the iPad which Gizmodo called “the cleverest iPad reading app yet,” and BBC called a “glimpse of the future of digital reading.”

With this course, you’ll learn all about mobile app development including how to plan out your own apps, and Apple’s Xcode and the Android Studio SDK, and even how to market your app when it’s launched.   

  1. Effective Copywriting

This is the big one, fellas. This is perhaps the most important course in the bundle and the kind of content that Excel with Business absolutely soars at. Learning how to write beautiful and engaging copy is going to be the thing that separates you from the thousands of other designers out there and if you build your website as an experience, a unique voice, and some bangin’ copy, people will think of you when it’s time to hire for a project.

This course is instructed by Doru Cantana, who built his own marketing agency from scratch and grew it for over 6 years before focusing on teaching the masses. He’s now a top-rated course instructor on e-learning sites like Udemy.

While this bundle won’t teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about crushing it as a freelancer, we think that this is definitely the best place to start. Even at the regular price, the courses offered are a great value, and at its steep discount, it’s an absolute steal. Remember, if you purchase through the bundle you’ll have lifetime access to these courses, which is an offer exclusive to the Vandelay audience.

Click here to get the Ultimate Design Bundle and start learning now before the bundle is gone on March 5th, 11:59 PM!

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