Vecteezy Launches a Free Vector Graphics Editor

You may be familiar with Vecteezy, the design community that offers free and premium stock vector graphics. They released an editing program, the Vecteezy Editor, which allows users to edit vectors directly in the browser and download in multiple different formats.


The Vecteezy Editor is a bare bones editing program modeled after popular illustrating software. The editor is part of the Vecteezy website, so you can easily search for a design (e.g. “people dancing”), choose one, then modify it. You can then download the file in jpeg, png, or svg format. This allows you to create a design directly on the site without having to open additional programs—making the process faster and ultimately, saving a lot of time.

Eezy CEO Shawn Rubel says, “Vecteezy Editor’s user-friendly functionality makes it easy to for designers to customize their designs directly in the browser without interrupting their workflow.”

The “user-friendly” aspect being the simplified menu within the editor. While an experienced designer may prefer a more in-depth menu, a beginner could use Vecteezy’s Editor with very little or no help at all. The Selection Tool, Text Tool, Background Tool, Pen Tool, and Templates Button are the only menu choices within the program.


“We feel really good about the Editor,” CTO Adam Gamble added. “Every member of our team experimented with it in the design process. This helped us make a user-friendly product.”

Above all, Vecteezy’s program is designed to be an editing software people can understand and use quickly. Best of all it’s totally free. You can give it a try it here.

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