25 Retro Vintage Logos for Inspiration

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Vintage and retro style is a popular choice for web and graphic design. While we’ve showcased vintage web designs in the past, we’ve never focused on vintage-style logos. Well, that vintage and retro feel can be an excellent choice for logos as well. Vintage-style badges are especially popular elements to use in logo designs. In addition to badges, other elements like sun rays, gears, rockets, and ribbons are also used to enhance the retro feel.

Sometimes objects from the past, like vinyl records or classic cars, tend to pop up in these types of designs for added character.

In this post, we’ll showcase 25 vintage logos from a wide variety of industries. Hopefully, this will provide some inspiration that can be put to good use in your own work.

And if you see a logo that you’d like to use, you can! These logos are all templates that can be used in your own projects.

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Vintage Logos

The Grill House

Vintage Logo Showcase - The Grill House


Vintage Logo Showcase - Moose

Grunge Logo

Grunge Logo

Edward James Photography

Edward James Photography

Luxury Corp.

Vintage Logo Showcase - Luxury Corp.

Kolachi Smokehouse

Kolachi Smokehouse

Brewing Company

Vintage Logo Showcase - Brewing Company

Classic Motors

Vintage Logo Showcase - Classic Motors

The Handyman

Vintage Logo Showcase - The Handyman

Sunset Mountain

Sunset Mountain

Summer Tropical Vintage Logo

Summer Tropical Vintage Logo

Organic Farm Vintage Logo

Organic Farm

Dead Skater

Dead Skater Logo



The Butchery

Vintage Logo Showcase - The Butchery

Old Fisherman

Old Fisherman Logo

Fincher Market

Fincher Market

Authentic Riders

Authentic Riders Logo

Axewood Carpentry

Axewood Carpentry Logo


Birdwell Logo

Southern Books

Southern Books Logo

Vintage Barbershop Logo

Vintage Barbershop

Vintage Podcast Logo

Vintage Podcast Logo

Summer Shark

Vintage Logo Showcase - Summer Shark

Vintage Logo with Floral Elements

Vintage Logo with Floral Elements

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