Best Watercolor Fonts for Beautiful Hand-Crafted Designs

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Nothing adds a little organic, artistic style to a design like a watercolor font does. Watercolor fonts are a popular choice for wedding designs, home décor, home goods product designs, and so much more.

When choosing a watercolor font for your project, it’s important to ensure the particular look of the font you choose matches the overall aesthetic of your design. For example, a nice brush script is suitable for elegant invitations, stationery, or fancy designs. Bold serif or sans-serif designs are suitable for projects that are more casual and playful.

It’s also important to consider the format of font you use. Many fonts with transparent watercolor textures and details are available as SVG file types that require professional design software to use (like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop).

Other fonts come in formats that are compatible with a wider selection of software but look slightly different. If you want to create vinyl cutouts for crafts and handmade goods, there are also fonts that are compatible with cutting machines.

Best Watercolor Fonts

The watercolor fonts below cover a wide range of styles, formats, and capabilities. Many even come with additional glyphs, alternates, and elements so you can put your own personal spin on your design. Dive into the list below for some of the best watercolor fonts out there.

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Likewise – Watercolor Font

Likewise - Watercolor Font

Likewise is a watercolor script font that would look beautiful on any design project. It has OTF, TTF, and WOFF file types and multilingual support. Create beautiful pieces of wall art or pintables, design elegant invitations, and more.

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Katie Rose

Katie Rose

Katie Rose is another elegant watercolor script font option. This font is an OpenType SVG font, so it does require Photoshop (CC 2017 or above) or Illustrator (CC 2018 or above) to use.

Multilingual glyphs aren’t included with this font, but accents (along with ligatures and alternates) can be accessed in the glyphs panel.

Hello Friday – Watercolor SVG Font

Hello Friday - Watercolor SVG Font

Hello Friday is a cute serif font that comes in SVG (SVG OTF) and vector (OTF) formats. This font includes numbers, special characters, punctuation symbols and support for multilingual characters. For best results, use this font in Photoshop CC, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned is an all-uppercase watercolor font that also comes in an SVG format and a vector format. Although the letters are capitalized, this font still includes all-caps and small-caps sets that can be combined to create a design that looks authentic and handmade. Since this font has no lowercase letters and is all capitalized, it looks best on designs that use titles, headings, or initials.

Along with numbers, symbols, punctuation, and multilingual support, this font includes underline swashes to add a dramatic effect to your project. Use this font in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Spring Rain – Watercolor Brush Font

Spring Rain - Watercolor Brush Font

Spring Rain is a textured brush font with an SVG version with watercolor textures and a solid version. The SVG version requires Photoshop or Illustrator, but the solid version can be used on any software.

Both versions include lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. Only the solid version supports multilingual characters.

This font would look lovely on everything from apparel designs to prints. 



Billow is a handmade typeface that’s bold, beautiful, and perfect for all watercolor design needs. The characters sit on an uneven baseline, and their calligraphy-like letterform gives the entire font a playful, youthful vibe.

This font comes in OTF, TTF, and webfont file types. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters and limited punctuation marks. Additionally, you receive vector ink splatters, additional catchwords, and character glyphs to further elevate your designs. Use a combination of these bonuses to give your project a unique look.

Storyline – Font and Watercolor Pack

Storyline - Font and Watercolor Pack

Storyline is a watercolor font drawn up in a brush pen style. This romantic font is perfect for wedding designs, but it’s also ideal for any project that needs an elegant and sophisticated touch.

This pack includes alternates, editable logos, a bonus serif font, and watercolor brush strokes. Storyline comes in OTF/TTF format. Use Photoshop to access the brushes and logos.



Watercolor comes in a solid version and a watercolor texture version. The textured version is an SVG font that requires Photoshop or Illustrator, but the solid version is an OTF font that can be used with any software.

Pair this font with a script to dress it up for wedding cards or other elegant designs, or dress it down by using it simply as it is.

Anise – Hand Painted Font

Anise - Hand Painted Font

Anise is a hand-painted OTF/WOFF font that comes with four bonus watercolor textures. This adorable font is perfect for all decorative designs, from logos and branding to handmade craft items.



Shallom is a cute modern calligraphy font painted up in a brush and ink style. It comes with alternate characters and a bonus pack of fashion illustrations. Use them both to create fun art designs for prints, greeting cards, and more.

Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn is a display typeface perfect for designs with headings or titles. It includes uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation symbols, numerals, alternates, and ligatures. It’s also PUA encoded and comes with multilingual support.

The natural texture of this font gives it an authentic and realistic look. Design attractive advertisements, logos, packaging, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Hot Mess

Hot Mess

Hot Mess comes in a solid version and a regular version with a brushed texture. The regular version is an OpenType SVG format compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, and even Procreate. The regular version is in a traditional font format that’s widely supported by other design software too.

Both font versions include ligatures and swashes, and the regular TTF version includes multi-language support.

Use both of these fonts and their features to create everything from advertising designs to social graphics.

Mira – Watercolor Script

Mira - Watercolor Script

Mira is a handwritten watercolor script that was created using a calligraphy brush. The rough edges and imperfect lines of each letter give this font an authentic hand-drawn look. Use it with the included stylistic alternates to create artistic designs that are truly unique.



Jumper is a hand-lettered brush-style typeface in OTF and TTF formats. It comes in a normal version and an alternative version. Also, it includes a variety of textures, splatters, alternates, and patterns that can be accessed in Photoshop, Illustrator, or any design program that has a glyphs panel.

Use this font to create bold designs that stand out above the rest.

Maltese – SVG Watercolor Font

Maltese - SVG Watercolor Font

Maltese is an all-caps watercolor font that comes in a few different variations. The SVG format features an authentic watercolor texture, and the regular OTF format is a solid version of the font.

All of the versions include uppercase and lowercase/small caps letters, numerals, punctuation, and even alternates and ligatures.

The SVG version requires Photoshop or Illustrator, and the solid version can be used in any software. (Please note the ligatures and alternates require software compatible with OpenType to use.)

Finally, the SVG version includes accents but does not have multilingual support. However, the regular version does offer multilingual support.

Nomad – Hand Painted Watercolor Font

Nomad - Hand Painted Watercolor Font

Nomad is a sans-serif hand-painted watercolor font with an uneven baseline and rough brush designs that give it an authentic look. It comes with OTF, TTF, and Web font file formats. There’s a regular version (Nomad) and an alternate version (Nomad Alternate).

The font includes capital letters, lowercase letters, full punctuation, and international language support. You also receive paint splatters, hand-painted icons and catchwords, custom brushes, and bonus glyphs.



Georgios contains over 250 glyphs and has many stylistic alternates to create unique brush font designs. It comes in OTF and TTF file formats, and glyphs can be accessed using the link in the font description.

The entire font was designed using a brush pen, and the set contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.



Handmaid is a hand-drawn calligraphic font that comes in a solid version and a regular version with watercolor texture. The regular version with the watercolor texture is an SVG file format that requires Photoshop or Illustrator to access. Still, the solid version is an OTF format that can be used in any font-compatible software.

Both font versions include glyphs and custom ligatures, numbers, punctuation symbols, and even Spanish language support.

If you’re using the SVG format, you can apply a color overlay in Photoshop or change the text color in Illustrator to create colorful, bright, and cheerful designs.



Greget is a hand-painted brush typeface in OTF and TTF file formats. You also get eight extra brushes (.abr files) to use with the Adobe Photoshop brush tool, plus instructions to help you download, install, and use the font.

Whether you’re working on personal projects or commercial designs, Greget is a beautiful choice that will give your creation an authentic ink or watercolor look.

SkyLove – Hand Drawn Watercolor Font

SkyLove - Hand Drawn Watercolor Font

SkyLove is a hand-drawn script watercolor font that will add a stylish modern touch to your cursive designs. It’s available in SVG and OTF file formats. The SVG font requires Photoshop or Illustrator, but the OTF font can be used with any software. (It’s important to note that Illustrator CC 2017 and Photoshop CC 2015 and older don’t support color fonts. Be sure to use a recent version of these programs for best results.)

Along with the two font files, this set also includes PNG files of all letters and symbols and layered letters in PSD and AI file types. Language support for several languages is also available.



Opulent is another modern script font that comes in several variations, including brush, solid, and regular. Like most of the fonts we’ve covered in this article, this font has both SVG and TTF file formats.

The regular version (SVG/OTF format) requires Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 or newer to be used. It has high-definition watercolor textures built in as transparency. This version does not offer multilingual support, but it does come with alternates and glyphs that can be accessed using the glyphs panel in Photoshop.

The brush and solid versions come in TTF format and can be used in any software. Both of these versions come with language support and alternates. The brush font is made in a traditional vector format, and although it doesn’t have the watercolor texture, the edges do have a rough finish to create an authentic painted look.

Finally, the solid version has a smoother finish to the letter forms that are perfect for vinyl cutters like Cricut or Silhouette Cameo.

With three different versions of the same font, you can use Opulent on various projects.



Carolinea is an OpenType font supported in a handful of different languages.

This font is specifically licensed to use as a webfont for websites, on desktop applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe design software, in mobile applications, in digital or email ads, and in e-text products.

Add Carolinea to your collection of handwritten fonts and use it for almost any web or digital project you’ may be’re working on.

Walmath – Brushed Watercolor Font

Walmath - Brushed Watercolor Font

Walmath is a bold, hand-painted font that comes in OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF, and SVG file types.

This font is perfect for all ink or watercolor-based designs. Add this awesome calligraphy watercolor font to your collection for endless use!



Lovestory is a romantic font collection that comes in an SVG format and TTF format. Of course, the SVG version requires Photoshop or Illustrator, but the TTF version can be used in any software application.

The various font styles in this collection include Lovestory Serif, Lovestory Solid, Lovestory ALT Solid, LoveStory SVG Regular, and LoveStory Alt SVG Regular. You also receive a beautiful selection of bonus watercolor designs.

The SVG fonts have alternate letters that can be used to add an authentic and unique look to your design. You’ll also find helpful video tutorials linked in the font product description to help you get started using the SVG format of this font.

Simply purchase and download to add to your scollection of beautiful fonts, and click the links to get started.

Palmetto – SVG Watercolor Font


Palmetto is a perfect choice for designers needing bold fonts with a hand-painted style. The font has built-in textures, so you don’t need to worry about using Photoshop overlays or brushes. If you need them, glyphs are available as layered PSD files and flat PNG files.

This is an SVG font, so it will require Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. This font will also work in Mac OS applications like FontBook, Keynote, and Pages as long as these apps are 2015 and newer.

This font is currently English-only (no multilingual support available). The font color can be changed in Photoshop using the Blend Options Panel to add an overlay. Or, if you’re working in Illustrator, rasterize the type with a transparent background and edit the colors.

Adelica Brush

Adelica Brush

Adelica Brush is a fun, youthful font compatible with a variety of operating systems and software. Whether you’re looking for cute craft fonts to use with a Cricut cutting machine or you need a cute typeface for a blog or website or even just a good brush font to use when designing documents in Microsoft Word, Adelica Brush is an excellent choice.



Sweetheart is a modern calligraphy font that’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for cursive fonts for your projects. It comes in OTF, TTF, and Webfont files, and the font includes capital letters, lowercase letters, full punctuation, and international language support.

Additionally, the font comes with end ornaments and ligatures to give your design some extra flourish and over 40 bonus vectors in AI, EPS, and PNG file types. (Illustrator or Photoshop is needed to use these, although the PNG files can be used if you don’t have those programs.)

Romsky – Watercolor Font

Romsky Watercolor Font

Romsky is a handmade serif watercolor font that’s an OpenType SVG format. The font includes all uppercase letters and numerals. Since this is an all-caps font, it’s best used as a display font in titles, headings, or logos.



Castel is a cute watercolor font available in an OpenType CFF format. It supports several international languages and contains symbols and punctuation, numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters.

Add a beautiful color to it to brighten up your design, or leave it as is for a darker, simple look.

Watercolor Font

Watercolor Font

Watercolor Font comes in two versions: a regular font (without watercolor texture) and a textured font (with watercolor texture). The regular font can be used in any program or software, but the textured font requires Photoshop or Illustrator.

Use it alone as a title font or pair it with script fonts to create a beautiful combination for logos, invitations, and other designs.

Sophie – Watercolor Display Font

Sophie Watercolor Display Font

Sophie is a playful watercolor display font made up of individually hand-painted letters. The uneven baseline and authentic watercolor textures give this font a realistic handmade look.

This font is only compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator. It comes in black, but you can easily change the color in Photoshop by rasterizing or flattening the image and coloring it.

Finally, it comes with a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, so it’s perfect for invitations, display banners, packaging, stationery, and more!

Dayanara – Watercolor Serif

Dayanara - Watercolor Serif

Dayanara is a watercolor serif font that gets its charm from its unique letterform and realistic watercolor texture.

It comes in three font versions, Dayanara Organic, Dayanara Regular, and Dayanara Watercolor SVG. Mix and match them to create a cohesive design! Stylistic alternates, ligatures, and multilingual support are also available with this font.

Mellow Burgundy

Mellow Burgundy

Mellow Burgundy is a bold display typeface made up of watercolor texture and natural hand strokes to give it an authentic painted look. It comes in an OpenType SVG format and a TTF format and includes capital characters, lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and numeral support.

Chic Lovers – Watercolor Font

Chic Lovers - Watercolor Font

Chic Lovers is a watercolor font with elegant and high-end character designs that make it perfect for invitations, marketing, and branding designs, logos, and more.

This is an SVG font, so it’s only compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate.  It also comes in a standard version that can be used with any software on any computer.

The SVG version is only available in English, but language symbols are included in a PSD file.

Finally, you’ll also receive over 50 ligatures and alternates to give your design a unique feel.

Adilla and Rita

Adilla and Rita

Adilla and Rita uses a combination of bold strokes and thin lines to create a modern hand-brushed look. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Cricut, Silhouette, and other cutting machines. You can also easily convert it to a web font for web and digital use.



Roomfer is a bold handwritten brush font perfect for headings and titles, logos, and much more. The textured brush stroke details give it an authentic look. Pair it with the included sans serif font and watercolor styles to create a truly unique and cohesive design.

International characters are supported both the sans serif and brush fonts.



Portabella is another elegant font that comes in three versions: Portabella Solid (OTF format), Portabella Serif (OTF format), and Portabella SVG (OTF format).

The SVG font requires Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to use, but the Portabella Solid and Portabella Serif fonts can be used with any software. Additionally, language support is unavailable for the SVG font, but the Portabella Solid and Portabella Serif fonts do contain a few international language characters.

Along with the three font versions, you’ll also receive floral elements, watercolor backgrounds, and transparent PNG textures to further elevate your design. Finally, a handy start guide is included to help you get started using your files.

Free Watercolor Fonts

Do you simply need watercolor fonts for personal designs and projects? Consider these top free watercolor fonts listed below! Free fonts are generally only meant for personal use, so be sure to carefully read the licensing agreement before using on branding or commercial projects. (A separate commercial license is usually available for purchase if you’d like to use the font for business or commercial purposes.)

Paradiso Vintage Demo Font

Paradiso Vintage Demo Font

Paradiso Vintage is a cute, whimsical font that supports multiple languages and includes ligatures for added flair to your design. The delicate strokes on this font make it perfect for any lighthearted, fanciful project like DIY printable quotes, stationery, or invitations.

Angeline Vintage

Angeline Vintage

Angeline Vintage contains detailed calligraphy texture that gives it a realistic look. This font happens to be free for both personal and commercial use and includes capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols.



Brusher is a good bold watercolor font to keep on hand. Pair it with a sans-serif font for projects that are more text-heavy (like invitations or greeting cards), or use it alone in titles, quotes, and headings.



Destain is a handmade font designed with a brush pen and is a great choice for artwork that needs a cute watercolor script. This is another great font to keep on hand for any projects you might be making in the future.



Watercolors comes in a clean italic version and a regular italic version with watercolor texture. This font is available for personal use only, but commercial licenses are available for purchase too. If you specifically need a free textured watercolor font, this one is a great choice!

Start Using These Watercolor Fonts Today

As you can see, there are so many types and styles of watercolor fonts to choose from for your next project. Whether you need to purchase a font for a branding or marketing design or a free font for a personal project, you’re sure to find a font that fits your design needs in the list above.

Simply purchase and download to get started. (Just remember to check design program requirements & licensing before you do!)

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