8 Web Apps to Make Online Life Easier

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Here you have a collection of 8 apps that will make living online a lot easier and more pleasurable. Make sure to click on a few and try them out.

Mighty Deals – Great deals on services for web savvy consumers.

Everyone is always looking for a good deal, and Mighty Deals does have quite a few of them. If you’re a web expert there are items here, like font packages, themes and other web design tools that you can actually use. They have a ‘daily deals’ section that sometimes has a great item, and they usually don’t have a lot of junk although, unless you make a lot of websites, you probably won’t use a lot of what they have to offer.

Best feature –Absolutely no registration fees.

Mighty Deals

5 Minutes.to – Basic websites quickly and easily.

If you’re an affiliate marketer and you build a lot of websites you know that it can become boring after a while creating the same thing over and over. With 5 Minute.to they will put together a website in 5 minutes or less, freeing you up to do a lot more important stuff like drive traffic to your site. The basic website doesn’t have a lot of higher-end features however, so be prepared to pay a little more for those.

Best Feature – It saves you a LOT of time.

5 Minutes.to

Evernote – See something cool and mark it for reading later.

If you’re always the type who likes to take notes or keep clips on everything interesting or cool that you come across during your day you know that the more notes you have the harder it can be to find them. Evernote takes the hassle out of keeping notes because they organize them for you and make them easy to find when you need them most. Webpages, video clips, and images you find on-line or in the real world are all neatly saved and ready to access.

Best Feature – You can save entire webpages to your Evernote account- text, images and links.


Remember the Milk – Because cereal tastes really bad with water.

Don’t you hate getting home and thinking that your day is finally done, only to realize that you forgot to buy milk? Or bread. Or pay the electric bill. Or pick up the baby from daycare. If you’re the forgetful type Remember The Milk is the app you need (just go get the baby first). Remember the Milk allows you to create multiple task lists that can be edited and organized, even among multiple devices. In actual use I found it to be a tad dull, however.

Best Feature – Email, SMS and IM reminders for any task you desire.

Remember the Milk

Dropbox – The easiest way to share files across every device you own.

You know the deal- When you have a file on your PC that you need on your laptop, you send it to yourself in an email. You do the same thing with pics, docs and anything else. With Dropbox, any files you make on one computer are automatically sent to all your devices, even between Macs and PCs! And when you update a file, Dropbox updates it on all your devices too. One caveat: be careful what you put in Dropbox so that you don’t shock your grandma with those naughty pics.

Best Feature – Dropbox keeps your files on-line too, for easy access from any computer, anywhere.


Readability – Read comfortably without all the clutter.

The biggest problem with reading an interesting article on the computer is that it’s always completely surrounded by junk, filler and garbage, distracting from your reading enjoyment. With readability you can tune out all that noise and focus on the thing that matters most- the article you’re reading. Then again, if you like reading the junk this might not be a very handy app.

Best Feature – Readability will store your article for later if you don’t have the time to read it now.


iA Writer – Writing made simple.

If you’re a writer then you know how frustrating it can be to have to constantly switch between computers and writing programs, because all of them seem to be just different enough to drive you mad. With iA Writer you can type in one simplified writing program with absolutely no preferences and like Dropbox you can share it between multiple devices. It allows the writer to do what he or she does best: write. I found it to be a great little program.

Best Feature – iCloud and Dropbox integration. Any text you write anywhere will be instantly updated on all your devices.

iA Writer

Spotify – All the music in the world on-demand.

Spotify is the new way to listen to music. Anytime, from anywhere, you can search for and play the music you want to hear. Whatever music you want to hear, whenever you want it. The music you want to hear has never been simpler to listen to. Spotify is your new music collection, and it’s available on all your devices, including your home audio system. One thing I don’t like is that, unless you’re a computer geek, it can be difficult to get Spotify to go away if you don’t want it.

Best Feature – Because the music on Spotify plays live, there’s no downloading and no dent in your hard drive.


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