Awesome Sites for Finding Web Design Jobs

In our economy there are a lot of designers and developers looking for work, whether it is full-time employment, contract work, or freelance opportunities. Fortunately, there are a number of great places to find these types of web design jobs. In this post we’ll look at several sites that include specialized job boards that include web/graphic design and web development opportunities.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a great platform for any creative. Whether you’re a designer, hacker, art director, UX developer or any other creative in the web design space, you’ll be able to utilize their platform. On the site you’ll find full-time, part-time, moonlighting, a one-off freelance job, an internship, and others. You can filter job positions by type of work, skills, location, company type, and more.




Those looking for design work have the additional task of assembling a portfolio, and Dribbble is well-known for its artists’ cyber gallery. If you’re a designer who doesn’t know where to begin, Dribbble is the perfect first step. This minimalistic platform makes signing up easy. There are portfolios to explore and a Job List to review.


Design Jobs Board

With its minimal design, this hiring page is easy to browse and understand. Design Jobs Board has a beautiful design, simple color palette, and accessible information. Work varies from full-time to freelancing positions, and location and posting times are also listed.

design jobs board.jpg


Coroflot specializes in finding talent for design companies as well as providing opportunities for flourishing artists. Artists can post their portfolios and browse the Job Board.  Searches within the board are specialized by company, keyword, location, and level of expertise.


If You Could Jobs

If You Could Jobs boasts a simplistic platform that lets you focus on finding your dream creative job. Order the listing by date submitted or application deadline, and choose your job position by location, company, or salary. To view more detailed information, click on the logo of the posting company and find the contact information. It’s that easy!

if you could.jpg

Design Observer

Design Observer is an online magazine focused in design (plus it has a  job listing!) Here you will find work for freelancers, juniors, executives, interns, and more. This service offers a search option by location, position, or keyword. Interested in a certain position? Learn more by clicking on the position of interest, and you will find detailed information regarding the job and the company, as well as a list of similar positions.

design observer.jpg

Smashing Jobs

Reaching over 4 million users each month, Smashing Magazine proves it’s a well-known and regarded magazine for designers and creatives. Additionally, this site is a resource for designers and programmers, specifically because of its job listing here. This job listing includes freelance and full-time positions for digital and graphic designers, developers, and more.


Design Week Jobs

Design Week is another well-known, online magazine about design. This magazine seeks to empower designers and developers alike, specifically by offering creative news and a job board. This job board allows you to choose how far from home you would like to work and even what kind of designs you would like to create.

design week jobs.jpg

Creative Hotlist

Use this designer and creative oriented platform to post your resume, apply for a job, or both! You will find everything you need in one place. Search the job positions by entering your desired location, company, or job title, then filter your search by company or talent. You can even use a separate graph for students.

creative hotlist.jpg


For a job board that caters to creatives, check out DSGN JBS. This board gathers listings from all over the internet in one clean interface. If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive list of the best designer jobs, you just found it!

dsgn jbs.jpg


Monster’s general platform can also assist you in finding a position in the design niche. Not only does Monster provide great tips for current and future success, but its user-friendly filter easily transports you to Creative Design positions. After you choose the design category, browse the listing by location, title, and company.


Angel List

Angel List is a job listing page for startups, mostly focused on designers and developers. Angel List is both exciting and unique in that it has a Tinder-like layout. Companies list their job openings, to which you can reply, “Yes.” After they are notified, they have the opportunity to answer with another “Yes!”

angel list.jpg


Also focused on designers and developers, Startupers gives you a chance to work for a startup OR fill your startup with startupers! Upload your resume and apply for a position. You can also use the filter to search available positions.



Many designers worldwide make income freelancing. If you are one of the many freelancers or would like to become one, Upwork is just the place for you. You can easily become a freelancer and find your first client! Here you will also find freelancers who develop, program, write, and design.


Stack Jobs

Stack Jobs focuses on a specific niche: web design and development. This minimalistic site is quite simple, in that you can search for candidates, apply for jobs, and filter by job title and location. You can also find a job that matches your personal experience and skills.

stack jobs.jpg

Envato Studio

Envato Studio makes it easy for both service providers and clients to get all the information they need up-front, communicate quickly, and get the job done.



Krop is another webpage that allows you to create your portfolio as an additional feature; however, Krop’s main purpose is finding you that creative dream job you’ve always wanted. In the job listings, you will find company names such as Google, Tesla, Apple, and more.


FWA Jobs

FWA’s job board includes a good balance of design and development positions throughout the world.


AIGA Design Jobs

AIGA is a professional organization strictly oriented to designers: product, graphic, freelance, and more! The filter lets you choose the type of work you want to browse. You can enter your locations or search the listing by entering your own keywords.



LinkedIn includes a job board with all types of positions. LinkedIn users can join groups, and these groups often include excellent niche job boards in addition to the main LinkedIn job board. If you search for web design or graphic design groups you’ll find some that include a large number of job opportunities and as a group member you’ll be able to respond to the person who posted the job.



Similar to Dribbble, Behance’s platform allows users to browse a wide range of works and portfolios, including photography, product design, and graphic manipulations. The user-friendly interface makes getting started easy. Search for inspiration, fill up your portfolio, and check out Behance’s Jobs List.



Creativepool as its namesake describes  – a platform that is full of creative people that share their content. Creativepool’s Job List hosts more than 500 job offerings for graphic designers, UX designers, art directors, and more.


Design and Design

This design page focuses specifically on graphic design, product, and package design, making it a great place for inspiration and discovery. Design and Design also offers great opportunities to find work on its Job List. The job list has a variety of filters, including function, job title, country, and more.

design and design.jpg

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a community uniting people who, simply put, like to work remotely. Here you will find various listings for various job positions, including design, development, programming, and more.

we work remotely.jpg

How Design

How Design covers design, creativity, and community, specifically by offering education and job listings. The Job List on How Design is oriented specifically for designers, with a specialized set of filters to help you find your dream job.

how design.jpg

Get Creative Jobs

Get Creative is a perfect place for creatives. Become an art director, product designer, or developer. With its clean layout, the information you need is easily available and understandable. The variety listed provides a wonderful number of careers to choose from.

get creative jobs.jpg


Other Freelancing Sites:

The websites listed below all function in similar ways, so there are no individual descriptions for them. They all exist for the purpose of pairing up freelancers with people/companies who are looking to outsource work. In most cases companies can create a job listing and freelancers can bid on the projects.











What Sites Do You Use?

What are your favorite sites for finding design/development work?

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