Top 14 Job Boards To Find Web Dev Work & Coding Gigs

Working online has become a lucrative career for so many in the web space. From UI/UX design to fullstack coding, there’s just so much work to go around these days.

If you have the skills then you can probably find a job with the help of your old pal The Internet.

It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Most great jobs come from connections and recommendations of past clients. But you can also find some really great jobs if you browse through online job boards. These range from backend coding and database stuff to more frontend dev work(HTML, CSS, JS).

I’ve curated this list of the best job boards specifically made for coders to find work and pick up some extra clients. And these job boards offer a huge swath of work: you can even find fulltime in-house positions here.

Just keep these bookmarked and know what you’re looking for. If you focus on your areas of expertise you’ll have a much easier time landing work that you can comfortably handle & work that you enjoy doing.

GitHub Jobs

GitHub jobboard

What can I say, GitHub is just a superb website for coders.

They have one of the largest development communities on the Internet and perhaps the largest open source code library in the world.

All of that lends credence to GitHub Jobs, a fantastic online job board with a lot of people looking to hire.

You’ll find some awesome jobs with a range of skills that cover every programming language you can possibly imagine. Seriously there’s stuff for Python, PHP, Rails, Go, Erlang, iOS/Android, everything.

And many of these jobs are full-time positions. Some companies will even pay to help you relocate.

But there’s also a good portion of jobs available to work remotely if you’re into that kinda thing. Ultimately I’d say GitHub is one of the best job boards to check if you’re in the market for more programming work.

There’s rarely a shortage of demand for great talent.

Stack Overflow

stack job board

It was hard to put Stack at #2 in this list because it’s also a tremendously large programming community.

In fact, many of the jobs that I see on GitHub’s board are also mirrored onto the Stack job board.

While there is a good amount of overlap between GitHub and Stack, I would still say Stack Overflow’s job board is a fantastic place to check and really dig into for project work.

It’s updated frequently and has plenty of remote positions along with in-house job opportunities. Not to mention some pretty competitive salaries and benefit packages for those companies in the states.

Seriously if you do any kind of sysadmin work, technical programming, or web development, check Stack for work and spend some time really looking. You never know what you’ll find.

Authentic Jobs

authentic jobs

Authentic Jobs feels much more like a freelance-style job board. And that isn’t a bad thing.

It just means you may find more client-based jobs that pay a flat rate per project. There are still full-time positions on here but they are not as plentiful as GitHub or Stack.

What I like most about Authentic Jobs is the huge variety.

You can find UI/UX work, marketing work, and coding work all in one place.

This is excellent for anyone who wears many hats and just wants to pick up a little extra gig work on the side.

But don’t think of this as just a freelancing site. There’s also a huge list of companies that advertise for hires here, many of which include universities and fortune 500 brands.


geekwire geekwork job board

In the GeekWire job board you’ll be looking more at tech startup jobs and their availability for new hires.

Working in the startup world feels very different than working for a major corporation like Facebook or Google. There’s just a different workflow and a different feeling in the position.

But many coders really enjoy the startup lifestyle and that’s what you can find on GeekWire.

The vast majority of jobs are full-time but many of them offer remote work. You can sort by different job requirements like location, category, or programming language.

Super easy to use and packed with great opportunities.


fs6 job board

I had not heard much of the F6S job board until just recently. It seems like it’s a great board and really worth your while if you’re big into coding.

What I notice right away is the clear focus on salary.

When you skim jobs you’ll be able to see at-a-glance how much you’ll earn and what the job covers. This is great if you’re mostly looking for a set amount or a certain salary for fulltime work.

Now there is a good amount of part-time work or even single contact jobs available. Those also list budget ranges so you can get a feeling of what to expect.

And there are so many positions here from SEO/SEM to frontend coding and full team management gigs. And pretty much everything inbetween.

Working Nomads

working nomads board

I have never personally used Working Nomads but I have seen it mentioned many times before.

One look over this site definitely proves its value. The jobs are all easy to browse and they’re organized by tags.

This means you can quickly sort by contract gigs, fulltime jobs, and certain types of requirements. For example you may be looking for WordPress jobs or Magento jobs.

Both of those are PHP platforms, but not everyone who does PHP wants to cover everything. Specialists can demand good money for their consulting work or project work.

That’s the value of Working Nomads. And it’s pretty darn easy to apply for jobs too.

Definitely check this out if you’re looking for more niche programming jobs for specific frameworks or CMS engines.


remotive job board

Remotive is a little different than other programming job boards. Mostly because this isn’t just a programming board.

Here you’ll find a huge variety of jobs ranging from marketing to user experience and content writing. But from what I can see there is a huge demand for programmers ranging across all languages.

The cool thing?

Remotive is designed only for remote jobs so none of these require in-house relocation. This may not be your cup of tea but it’s certainly something that many developers look for.

Dev work can technically be done anywhere so it’s not like in-house should always be required. And if you are looking to do remote work from your living room then Remotive is the place to be.

Functional Jobs

functional jobs board

Functional Jobs goes the other way moving towards mostly in-house positions. But these are some of the best programming gigs you can get.

I have not seen a community with this much of a focus towards higher-level programming in a long time. There’s also a good range of bigger tech companies to smaller startups and everything inbetween.

One look at the homepage of job listings and you’ll see what I mean. Just endless opportunities for really specific technical jobs. Clojure scripting, Scala experts, all of these frameworks and higher level languages that really push your programming skills to the next level.

Many jobs even look for software engineers who can develop complete software packages from scratch. Talk about a sweet gig!

And these jobs are worldwide so there’s a lot to go around.

Most job offerings do originate within the United States. But I’ve seen jobs here from the UK and Germany too, not to mention a few other European countries, so there’s plenty to find if you look hard enough.


startupers board

It looks like the creators of StartUpers really like minimalism and a clean UI. This has to be one of the simplest job boards with the most basic design I’ve ever seen. And that’s not a bad thing!

Programmers especially like minimalism so it’s a plus for the target audience.

Now it’s important to realize that StartUpers focuses heavily on startup jobs and pretty much nothing else.

The reason this is so important is because you really have to enjoy the startup atmosphere to work at one. They are much more fast-paced and do not offer the same salaries as a larger company like Oracle.

If you look around you’ll find job postings for pretty much every major state in the US, along with many European countries. Most jobs from outside the US originate from London but I have seen a few for Paris and Barcelona.

And there may even be a few remote gigs in here that you can apply for in your pajamas.

Working remotely is certainly rare with startups but it is doable in some cases.

We Work Remotely

we work remotely job board

Now if you really want to pick up some remote work check out We Work Remotely.

This is a general “working online” type of job board, however there is certainly a slant towards development and coding. Actually there’s a slant towards all things tech including systems administration, devops, and higher level software programming.

You can search for other related jobs too if you’re looking for variety. But this post is meant to focus on coding gigs so that’s what I’m pushing here.

The value of WWR is that all jobs are made to be remote. There are no requirements for being in the studio or relocating.

Some jobs will require weekly calls or group calls to connect with the programming team. But none will ask you to move across the country which is pretty nice.

If you search hard enough you might just find your next big client on this board.

WordPress Jobs

wordpress jobs

If we want to get even more specific then we can delve into a few niche programming job boards too.

The first of many would be the WordPress Jobboard offered for free by the WordPress team. All of these gigs are focused solely on WordPress and the vast majority are for programming work.

Theme development, plugin development, or custom frameworks. They’re all here and there’s a job for pretty much everything.

If you specialize in WordPress this is a job board well worth your time. I won’t say that it offers everything you’d need but I will say it’s got a large variety of jobs to sift through and check out. job board

Anyone who’s more into app development should check out

This is the premiere destination for all Java/Android programmers looking for work. It’s also the best place for companies to post jobs who need to hire skilled programmers that can get work done within their budget.

One look at these gigs and you can tell they’d be able to turn into long-term clients. So if you just keep applying I’d say you could make a good living doing Android dev work.

I can see why Android coders would want their own job board too. It’s a specialty that’s in high demand that certainly should be offered to coders who can deliver great work.

Angular Jobs

Angular Jobs board

Moving towards the frontend side of things we have Angular Jobs. This is the perfect job board for any web developer who simply loves Angular.

Note there aren’t too many gigs on here at any given time because Angular is not in as much demand compared to something like WordPress. But there is certainly a demand for great Angular coders, and that demand can be found on this board.

If you go to the search page you can browse jobs based on location or by keyword.

You’ll notice a lot of jobs ask for related programming skills coupled with Angular. Things like C#/Angular or full stack developers who might also be familiar with Node.js or the basics of HTML/CSS.

A great board for picking up work if you can offer more than just Angular.

Most projects will require some type of backend so this is perfect for the multifaceted programmer who can offer a diverse range of skills, but with a clear focus on Angular.js.

RubyNow Job Board

Rubynow Job Board

Last but certainly not least on my list is the RubyNow job board. It’s exactly you’d think: a job board for Ruby programmers.

This has been the best destination for anyone looking to hire Ruby coders online for over 10 years. Talk about a legacy.

And now with the popularity of Rails it’s a whole lot easier to pick up Ruby and bring that over to the web. If you frequent the RubyNow board you can even nab gigs and get paid as you learn.

I would say this is one of the largest boards, if not the largest, specifically for Ruby coding. It’s the absolute best choice if you love that language and want to get paid for your work.

But if none of these job boards have what you need then keep checking online for other related niche boards since you never know what you’ll find.

And with so many web languages in demand that are constantly changing, you never know what your next coding gig will be.

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