Why We Recommend BlueHost

When it comes to web hosting there is no shortage of choices. While having a lot of options is great for keeping prices down, it can be quite confusing if you’re not sure which host to choose.

We have hosted our own sites with 7 different hosting companies over the years, and we’ve worked with even more hosts through client projects. We recommend BlueHost to clients and our website visitors, and here are some of the reasons that we like BlueHost:

1. Support

In our opinion, one of the most critical things that you should look for when choosing a host is 24 hour support. You never know when you could have a problem with your server, and if it happens at a time when your host is unavailable, even minor issues turn in to major issues. For this reason (and trust us, we know from experience) we can’t recommend any host unless they offer support around the clock.

BlueHost, of course, does offer 24/7 support. Not only that, but you have you choice of support by phone, email, or chat. Most of the time you’ll probably want to use the email or chat for minor issues or questions, but it’s nice to know that you can reach a live person on the phone if needed.

2. Reliability

Although BlueHost’s plans are low cost (more on that in a minute) the reliability of their servers is outstanding. There is nothing worse for your website than downtime, and with BlueHost it will be at a minimum. While we mentioned that support is important, reliability is great because it reduces your need for that support.

3. Easy to Use

BlueHost aims to make hosting as easy as possible, in several different ways. The signup process is simple. You can create an account and be logged in in a matter of minutes. Once you’re logged in, the BlueHost control panel is user-friendly and logical.

4. Easy WordPress Installation

Continuing on the topic of being easy to use, BlueHost makes it simple to get WordPress installed on your site. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it is a very popular content management system that allows you to update the content of your website on your own. Most of our clients use WordPress, and most of our own websites are powered by WordPress. With BlueHost it’s simple. Just a couple of clicks and you’ll have WordPress installed and working on your site without touching a line of code.

5. No Limits

BlueHost offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains (host multiple sites on one account), and unlimited email accounts.

6. Low Prices

Pricing is one of the most important things to a lot of customers when they are choosing a web host, although it really should be far less important than things like reliability and service. Fortunately, with BlueHost you get reliability and service at a very low price, well under $10 per month (prices vary depending on the length of your plan).

Who Wouldn’t Want to Use BlueHost?

After all the positive things we’ve said about BlueHost you may think that we would recommend their hosting to everyone. In reality, no hosting situation is right for everyone. Here are some examples of websites that should not be hosted with BlueHost:

1. Extremely High Traffic Websites

If your site gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per month you will need a dedicated server in order to keep the site functioning properly. For example, although we have other accounts with BlueHost, this particular website requires a dedicated server because of high traffic volume.  BlueHost specializes in shared hosting, which is affordable and appropriate for about 90 percent of websites, if not more.

2. Websites with Adult Content

BlueHost prides itself on keeping its servers free of pornography and adult content. If that is the type of site you have, you’ll want to find another host. BlueHost has strict regulations against these types of sites and they will be deleted. For everyone else that is not hosting adult content on their sites, this is a great policy because it ensures that your site will not be hosted on the same server as adult content.

Sign Up With BlueHost

We recommend that you take a few minutes to see for yourself exactly what BlueHost has to offer. Visit the BlueHost website.

Disclosure: As a Bluehost affiliate we receive a commission for any customers that we refer. Our recommendation is based on our experience with Bluehost, as well as the needs of our typical customers and readers. You are free to use our templates with the web host of your choice.