Beautiful Free Winter Wallpaper Desktop Backgrounds

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The luxurious white of winter brings to mind soothing cocoa and relaxing evenings. If you love the wintertime then you might consider restyling your computer with a winter-themed background or even a festive Christmas wallpaper.

While downloading and applying these wallpapers, make sure that the icons are barely visible and everything seems to be in fine contrast with each other. These wallpapers can produce enhanced HD effects around the edges and spread the brightness nicely all over the place.

This post showcases 50 winter wallpaper designs for any desktop resolution. If you see something you like just click the image and you’ll be led to the source where you can download the wallpaper completely free.

Foggy Mountaintop

Grayscale foggy mountaintop makes a beautiful modern desktop background.

A Winter’s Night

The moon shines over warm homes glowing in snow-covered hills.

Winter Lake Reflection

Crisp, cold reflection of a sky and winter landscape on a still lake.

Mountain Nightfall

Snowcapped Trees

Snowy Light

The photographer captured the the cozy feeling of being nestled in the trees and also the vast mountain landscape just beyond the tree line.

Minimal Snowscape

Monochromatic snowdrift.


Winter Wallpaper

Different colors are available including light and dark colors so you can easily place your icons at the place where are easily visible.

Muted Winter Plants

Cool hues on dried winter plants.

Colorful Snowy Landscape

A purple and yellow sunset casts a stunning light on this mountain landscape.

Snow Falling

Muted, airy photograph is a nice calming, quiet background that won’t make your desktop feel too bright or busy.

Winter Sea

The cool greens and blues of an icy sea.


Winter Wallpaper

The shadow of snow-covered mountains is being reflected on the clean and pure water.

Tree Line Whiteout

Minimal photography with deep greens and lots of negative space.

Warm Light on a Winter Day

The shadow of snow-covered mountains is being reflected on the clean and pure water.

Winter Berry

A splash of color amid a snowy white background.

Misty Reflection

Mist hovers over the multicolored trees. The photographer has centered the water line for a symmetrical composition of the trees and their reflection on the water.


Winter Wallpaper

Beautiful snowy pathway giving a haunted look.

Look Up

A skyward look in a frosty forest. Wide angle view from the ground up gives an interesting perspective to the snow covered trees.


Winter Wallpaper

Photographer has picked a nice spot to capture a photo. The reddish shy is producing a nice contrast effect on the surface.

Tree of Ice

Striking view of sunlight filtering through the branches of an ice and snow covered tree.

A Nice Place

Long shadows on freshly fallen snow creates a beautifully moody blue scene sometime between night and day. This photograph feels both dramatic and calming.


Warm winter cabin casts an orange glow on a dark lake as night falls.

January Lake

Snow capped trees and the cool reflection of winter sky make for an invigorating blue and white winter landscape.

Snowy Sunset

This photograph captures some warmth of a wintry sunset.

Winter River

A wonderful wide angle winter scene on a cold river surrounded by evergreens.

Red House

Winter Wallpaper

A great picture of the house situated in the snow-covered pines.

Snowy Light

Winter Wallpaper

The thick-covered snow trees and the sky is projecting a luminous effect on the overall picture.

Winter Grace

Winter Wallpaper

The dusty pathway and white outlook has made the scene worth-capturing.

Untouched Snow

Winter Wallpaper

A wonderful contrast of different light colors exist in the picture and the whole scene looks so charming to the eyes.

Cold Lake

Winter Wallpaper

The sun has just arrived and everything is frozen including lake water.

Tracks in the Snow

Winter Wallpaper

The whole picture includes the contrast between only two different colors and it is so charming to see.


Winter Wallpaper

A wonderful picture captured from the bank of the city and it is depicting the level of coldness all over the place.

Winter City Street

Street lighting casts a vintage-feeling glow on this couple possibly hurrying home after catching a movie.


Winter Wallpaper

A general appearance of the weather season from the skytop.

Dark Winter

Eerie light along a snowy path in a dark forest. A slightly spooky winter scene.

Dark and Misty

Another dark and moody winter background for those missing the Halloween season.

Magical Winter Night

Blue and pink light makes lends something magical to this nocturnal winter photograph.

Dog Days of Winter

A very good boy spots something in the woods on a winter walk in this well composed and textured photo.

Northern Light Sleigh Ride

Incredible capture of the Northern Lights from the view of a dog sled.

Team of Horses

Friendly looking horses with great bangs face the photographer for this charming, fluffy winter capture.


Winter Wallpaper

The whole picture includes the outstanding contrast between dark and slightly dark colors.

Mount Roen

Winter Wallpaper

A general appearance of the mountains from the surface of another snow mountain.

Snowy Expanse

Aerial view of a vast landscape covered in snow meeting the horizon far in the distance.

Starry Winter Night

This long exposure photograph unveils this peaceful winter night under crystal clear star light.

Peaceful Night

Winter Wallpaper

The darkness seems to be really peaceful as everything seems to be in fine motion with nature.

Winter Fun

Winter Wallpaper

The light snowballs are flying all over the place winter is really a fun thing for some people.


Winter Wallpaper

Everything seems to be covered with the snow except the thick stems and thin roots.


Winter Wallpaper

The light snowballs are hanging tightly over the pine trees.

January Morning

Winter Wallpaper

This is the picture depicting the winter at its peak and the sunlight is being reflected from the surface of dense snowballs.


All of these pictures are captured and edited by the professionals. These photos are a great inspiration for the people who truly love the winter season and want to stay inspired by setting it as a wallpaper.

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