WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” is Now Available for Download

Having taken months in development, WordPress 4.4 is finally available for download, and it comes loaded with a wide range of features: responsive images, better oEmbeds, a new default WordPress theme, the much-awaited REST API, and a lot more!

Named “Clifford” after the Jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, WordPress 4.4 comes with the first half of the REST API. As such, plugin and theme authors can now start implementing the REST API in their projects.

But that is not all. Responsive images are now available in WordPress 4.4 by default — you can upload full-size images to your posts, and on the basis of the user’s screen size and resolution, WordPress will show the appropriate size of the image all by itself.

Even more so, much like tweets and YouTube videos, you can now embed posts from WordPress sites simply by pasting the URL, thanks to better oEmbeds in WordPress 4.4

Considering the fact that every major release of WordPress comes with a default theme, WordPress 4.4 does so too. Meet Twenty Sixteen, the new default theme that is minimal, responsive, clean and has a layout ideal for blogging. Here is a screenshot, and you can find more info on this page.


Need more? WordPress 4.4 also has some under the hood additions, such as:

  • WP_Title is not deprecated (even though it was previously rumored to be deprecated).
  • WordPress Multisite has a new class WP_Network, that makes network access easier.
  • WP_Comments has been revised. Now, we will see the comments field on top, followed by name, email and URL.
  • Headings hierarchy has been restored for admin screens.
  • Unattached media uploads now support pretty permalinks.

What do you think of this latest release of WordPress? Upgraded your sites to WordPress 4.4 yet? Share your views in the comments below!

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