WordPress 4.5 Development Has Begun

Not many days have passed since the release of WordPress 4.4, and two days back, there was a security release, WordPress 4.4.1

However, other than that, there is more news from the WordPress community: development for WordPress 4.5 has already begun, and the release date is expected to be somewhere around mid-April. 

For WordPress 4.5, Mike Schroder will be leading the development process. Other than that, the project schedule is out as well: merge window for feature plugins opens in February, followed by the release of the first beta version. In fact, if you wish to join, a chat about feature plugins has been scheduled for January 12, at 3:00 PM CST.

Apart from the first beta releases, there will be three more beta releases in March, followed by Release Candidate(s). Here is how the timeline looks (tentative):


WordPress 4.5, as of now, is looking to focus more on the Theme Customizer, with selective refresh as and when you make changes in the preview being a hot suggestion for a new feature. Compression of uploaded images is another interesting feature that is being discussed.

You can learn more about WordPress 4.5 on this page. What features and new additions would you like to see in WordPress 4.5? Share your views in the comments below.

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