Best Apps for Working Remotely

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Teamwork is about sharing ideas, finding better solutions, and having more productive work. Collaboration tools for designers are essential to improve their work with other team members and clients. The apps listed below will let you share your ideas and designs, so that you can communicate easily with clients or other co-workers while working remotely.

Remote Worker
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Impress your clients with prototypes and simple feedback. With FileSquare you can share your work with developers and others designers, show it to clients and collect feedback with clear annotations in real time. This application could also perform usability tests with mobile interactive mockups. FileSquare is a tool for web agencies, software houses, freelance developers and designers.



IdeaScale is a tool to practice brainstorming even at a distance. Designers should have a lot of good ideas. Why not to try a bit of brainstorming, involving co-workers everywhere? If you are heading for bright, creative ideas, IdeaScale is the perfect application. It can improve the generation of new ideas, comments, opinions. IdeaScale offers a suggestion box software and a platform to share, vote, and discuss feedback.



Share images the easy way with Marqueed. To allow a team to collaborate in the best way it may become necessary to share images. Marqueed does this with a simple drag n’ drop move. There are many other features, all interesting and essential in this kind of applications.



Keep track of revisions, upload images and videos, archive old projects with Cage. Cage is a very well known application for designers. It’s a collaborative tool that lets designers share their work. You can upload images or videos, create to-do lists, manage and assign tasks, and organize revisions. An interesting tool of Cage allows you to have contextual discussions on a frame or video directly in the timeline. Clients could approve work within the application. And when the project is over, you can archive it.



Useful infographics for everybody. It’s likely that you’ll need infographics at some point in time, maybe for a presentations. Piktochart can be useful to design a professional, but quick, infographic. It has a powerful, very good editor and more than 50 design themes. It offers a free trial.



A lot of tools in a professional app. ConceptShare is very good for sharing files and communicating. It’s a fast tool to collaborate on creative work online. Designers in different places could work together by uploading documents, commenting on them, and receiving feedback. ConceptShare is one of the oldest collaborative apps for creative professionals. Its interface is easy and elegant, while the app contains dozens of features. A free trial is available.



Conceptboard is a simple white board at your service. Conceptboard looks a bit like Scribblar, but it is a bigger, more professional application. It offers the typical collaboration tools, as the possibility to draw freehand, to upload a document, image or other file, to edit them, to share ideas and files and to collaborate. Another good point of Conceptboard is the user-friendly interface.



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