15 WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

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In 2019, an astonishing 34% of all websites were powered by WordPress (source). Part of the reason WordPress is so popular is because of the community of users and developers, and all of the resources that are available. WordPress users benefit from countless plugins, themes, and services that have been specifically created to meet the needs of people and businesses that have a WordPress-based website.

Although WordPress is a great content management system (CMS), there will be times when maintenance is needed. One of the interesting developments within the WordPress community the past few years has been the focus on providing affordable maintenance and support for WordPress users.

It’s important for WordPress-powered websites to be kept up-to-date as new versions of WordPress, themes, and plugins are released. Additionally, most bloggers and website owners need help with small issues from time-to-time. There are a growing number of companies that offer support for these smaller issues. Many offer monthly maintenance packages and some also offer one-off pricing that allows website owners to pay for services as needed.

These support and maintenance services play an important role for WordPress users, and they can also be a big help for designers and developers. Some designers/developers aren’t able to provide a high level of on-going support to clients, and referring clients to one of these service providers can be a good solution. Additionally, some of the support and maintenance providers offer white label options or affiliate programs, so designers and developers can earn additional revenue while helping to secure the support the client will need in the future.

WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

WP Curve is one of the best-known companies that offer support and maintenance services catered to WordPress users. However, WP Curve was acquired by GoDaddy a few years ago and significant changes were made to their services. With WP Curve no longer a preferred option for most WordPress users, here are 15 other companies that you may want to consider.

1. WP Tangerine

WP Tangerine

WP Tangerine offers services related to WordPress and WooCommerce. Their focus on WooCommerce will make them a standout option if your site is an ecommerce site using WooCommerce, but their services are also relevant even if you have a standard WordPress-powered website.

They can help you with theme updates, plugin updates, core updates, uptime monitoring, backups and restorations, site improvements, and other issues with your site.

WP Tangerine offers a free website review that will provide some suggestions for your site. Pricing for their services starts at $147 per month, which allows you to submit unlimited tasks and get up to one hour of work per business day. They have a one-day turnaround and provide detailed notes for each task.

2. Rebuild WP

Rebuild WP

Rebuild WP can help you with bug fixes, backups, updates, and other WordPress support tasks. Their packages start at $79 per month, which gives you an unlimited number of 30-minute jobs for one website, with one request at a time and detailed notes for each job. The average task is completed in about 8 hours.

You can also pay for one-off tasks if you don’t have a need for a monthly support plan. The cost for one-off fixes is $100 for one 30-minute task. As you can see, the monthly recurring plan is a much better value, assuming you have a need for ongoing support and maintenance.

Rebuild WP also offers to build a website for you, with a premium WordPress theme as a starting point, for pricing that starts at $750.

Designers and developers will be interested in Rebuild WP because of their white label program that allows you to earn a profit from reselling their services to your clients.

3. WP Site Care

WP Site Care

WP Site Care can help you with updates, daily backups, malware scans, optimization for fast-loading pages, and even hosting and SEO.

Monthly plans start at $79 per month, which includes daily backups, core updates, theme updates, plugin updates, security monitoring, hack cleanups, and real-time activity tracking. If you want additional maintenance, you’ll need to go with the Pro plan ($299 per month) that offers everything in the base plan as well as hourly backups, uptime monitoring, ecommerce support, and two hours of development services per month.

WP Site Care also offers an agency program and a referral program for freelancers and agencies who want to partner with them to provide support for clients.

4. Maintainn


Maintainn can help you with updates, security, backups, data migration, and custom development. Monthly plans start at just $59 per month (or $49 per month if you are paying annually) and that plan includes weekly updates, constant security monitoring, and secure backups. Higher-priced plans offer much more, plus discounts on development services.

Maintainn also offers full web design services, as well as hosting.

5. GoWP


GoWP is a little bit different than the other companies covered in this article. Although some other WordPress maintenance and support providers offer a reseller or white label program, GoWP stands out because they focus exclusively on the white label program.

If you’re an end-user looking for someone to help with WordPress maintenance and support, you’ll want to look somewhere else. But if you’re a designer or developer, GoWP could become a great partner that allows you to increase profits while offering a much-needed service to your clients.

GoWP provides plans at different pricing levels. You would then mark up the plans and charge your clients a higher price to build in some profit for yourself.

Monthly plans start at just $29 per month, which includes updates, security scans, backups, and malware cleanup. The $79 per month plan will give your clients 24/7 access to WordPress experts with unlimited content edits.

6. WP Buffs

WP Buffs

WP Buffs offers several different plans for website owners, as well as a white label option for designers and developers.

The plans for end-users start at $67 per month (or $56 per month if you are paying annually), which includes weekly updates, uptime monitoring, daily backups, Google Analytics integration, and emergency support.

The WP Buffs white label program allows you to offer high-quality support and maintenance services to your clients while earning additional profit for you (without the need to provide the service yourself).

7. WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer offers a monthly package ($99 per month) that includes core updates, theme updates, plugin updates, scheduled backups, as well as security monitoring and cleanup. If you need the help of a developer for other small requests, the cost is $99 per hour.

From their homepage, you can enter your site’s URL to get a free scan and report on the health of your website.

8. WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support

Wp Tech Support offers monthly support plans as well as emergency WordPress help. Pricing for the monthly plans starts at just $25 per month, which includes offsite backups, core updates, plugin updates, and daily malware scan.

The Pro plan ($48 per month) offers all of that plus more, like unlimited emergency fixes, a website health check, uptime monitoring, theme updates, malware removal, and 60 minutes of website improvements per month.

9. NerdPilots


Unlike some of the other options covered on this list, NerdPilots does not focus exclusively on working with WordPress-powered websites. NerdPilots is a development agency that offers WordPress support and maintenance as well as other development services.

Monthly plans start at $97 per month, which includes unlimited emergency fixes, core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, offsite backups, malware scan, malware removal, and uptime monitoring.

NerdPilots also offers one-time support for clients that may not need or want a monthly subscription. Pricing starts at $47 to fix a single issue with next day delivery. Customization services and custom development are available for $49 per hour.

10. Zen WP

Zen WP

Zen WP offers WordPress support and maintenance services with monthly plans starting at $79, which includes secure backups, core updates, plugin updates, and help with unlimited HTML, CSS, and PHP jobs. You’ll be allowed to have 1 request at a time with 24-hour response time.

While Zen WP does not have a white label option, they do have an affiliate program that will pay you 8% of the monthly subscription fees for clients that you send to them.

11. AccessWP


AccessWP’s monthly plans start at $99 per month for daily backups (and restore, if needed) and unlimited support tasks. The support tasks can be things like CSS tweaks, plugin installations, and content updates. Higher-priced plans offer things like core updates, plugin updates, security protection, malware removal, and more.

12. WPMayDay


The basic plan from WPMayDay will cost you $49 per month and it includes daily backups, malware and virus monitoring, and unlimited support requests from their WordPress developers.  The requests should be for small fixes that require 30 minutes or less.

13. GetSupportWP


GetSupportWP offers website care plans that provide daily offsite backups and restoration, core updates, theme and plugin updates, malware cleanup, and two 30-minute tasks per month. The subscription for this plan is $49 per month.

They also offer a plan for $395 per month that provides support for unlimited websites with unlimited requests for 30-minute tasks (one at a time).

14. FixMyWP


FixMyWP offers one-off services as well as monthly maintenance plans. The monthly plans start at $50 per month, which provides core updates, plugin dates, spam cleanup, database optimization, database backup, and page speed optimization.

15. Sprout Flowers

Sprout Flowers

Sprout Flowers offers monthly subscription plans starting at $49 per month, which includes 7 hours of support time per month, detailed reporting, 3 hours of WordPress fixes, 30 minutes of minor design customization, 1 hour of white hat SEO, 24/7 WordPress security, core updates, plugin updates, backups, and site speed optimization.


If you own or manage a WordPress website, relying on a good support and maintenance provider can help to save time and keep your site running smoothly and securely. The 15 companies covered here are excellent options, and pricing starts at very reasonable levels.

If you’re a designer/developer and you build WordPress-powered websites for your clients, you may want to look into the possibilities of some of the white label services as a way to create some recurring income from packages that could be offered to your clients.

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