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UPDATED MAY 2016: It’s not always easy to find a WordPress template that you love, but WPZOOM makes it easier to find a sleek and professionally designed theme to fit your website perfectly. Be sure to take advantage of this awesome WPZoom coupon before it’s too late!

What is WPZOOM?

WPZOOM focuses on themes & plugins for WordPress, finding the perfect balance between form and function for their clients. They have been making cutting-edge WordPress themes and plugins since 2009, and with
their experience and rigorous development process, they have features built into every theme you will love.

Who Can Use WPZOOM?

Since 2009 WPZoom’s products have been used on over 100,000 websites worldwide. So that means anyone with a WordPress site would benefit from these high-quality themes! They boast clients like Bloomberg, Groupon, Citroën, Barnes & Noble and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, just to name a few.

How To Use This WPZOOM Coupon:

When you click on the banner at the top of this post, you’ll be directed to WPZOOM. Once you’re there simply choose your favorite themes, add them to your cart, and insert the coupon code for 15% off all products excluding the All Themes Package ( which already has a special price).



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